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Reality Curve Theatre is an independent, registered not-for-profit theatre company. Our mandate is the production and presentation of theatre, employing professional artists, funded in part through unique and sustainable models that foster an appetite for the performing arts and/or strengthen the local artistic community. 

Through the production of modern, relevant, financially accessible, and entertaining theatre that reflects the diverse citizenry of Vancouver, our mission is to foster a positive perception and a new appreciation for the medium, attracting non-theatre goers and younger audiences, contributing to a thriving Vancouver cultural landscape. 


Originally established in 2011 as a Canadian Actor’s Equity Co-Op by a group of Vancouver based professional actors, Reality Curve Theatre was incorporated as a not-for-profit theatre company in 2014. Displaying both consistent growth and the ability to remain nimble with a small working board and strategic advisors, the company has employed and collaborated with some of Canada’s most respected established artists, as well as exciting up-and-coming talent, and continues to build on the successes of each season.