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Our Favourite Theatre + Acting Podcasts

We love podcasts, and we love discovering new podcasts. Here are some of our favourites from the theatre and acting world.

National Theatre Podcast

The National Theatre in London is one of the UK’s most prominent publicly funded arts organizations. Their brilliant podcast hosted by Sam Sedgman (we chatted with Sam about the podcast and the National Theatre in a previous blog post which you can read here) covers a wide array of all things theatre, from writing to acting to failing. One of our favourite episodes so far called “In Public” discusses how culture shapes the character of a city. Listen here.

Action: The Pursuit of Acting Excellence

This podcast is hosted by a young actor from Chicago, and as you could probably infer from the title, it’s about the pursuit of acting excellence. The creators probably could have spent a little more time in the pursuit of podcast title excellence, but actors will nonetheless find the interviews incredibly interesting and valuable. Some of the guests include the legendary Larry Moss, our good friend Michael Kostroff and casting director Nancy Bishop. Listen here.

The Producer’s Perspective

Ken Davenport is a Broadway producer and his long running podcast covers all things theatre production. His guest include actors, playwrights, other producers, costume designers, and even Broadway ticketing analysts. We love it because we produce theatre, but there really is lots of entertaining insights for everyone here. Listen here.

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin

This one is kind of industry-ish? Alec occasionally interviews actors (check out the fantastic interview with the brilliant John Turturro). But the real reason this podcast is on our list is Mr. Baldwin’s sexy voice. Honestly, his voice could make discussing the intricacies of cardboard box design sound interesting and deeply sensual. That, plus he  does actually talk to a lot of fascinating people about a lot of fascinating things – well worth checking out. Listen here.

Royal Court Playwright’s Podcast

The Royal Court theatre in London is all about the writers. They are mandated to, and pride themselves on, cultivating undiscovered, emerging and established playwrights. So it’s no surprise that the Royal Court’s podcast is all about playwrights. Each episode different playwrights talk to Simon Stephens, a playwright himself (writer of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) about all things playwriting. Have we mentioned its about playwrights? Listen here.