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Lori Triolo joins Advisory Board

If you saw our fall performance of “Bug” by Tracy Letts you’re familiar with Lori Triolo as the powerhouse actor who played Agnes. She took the character from good-natured party girl hiding from her past to unhinged enabler ready to literally watch the world go up in flames. Night after night Lori demonstrated the best of stage acting, drawing laughs and gasps and leaving the audience truly moved.

As much as Lori is an established dynamo of film, TV, and theatre, she is equally as experienced in production and directing, which is why we are especially excited she will be joining the Reality Curve family as a member of our Advisory Board.

Lori currently splits her time between New York, LA, and Vancouver, where she teaches the craft of acting using the Meisner Technique and Fitzmaurice Voicework and performs both on and off stage. In Vancouver, she was the Artistic Director at the Beaumont Studios Theatre for five years, and produces the Cold Reading Series, a staple event in our local arts community since 1993.

With her extensive experience building the creative landscape in Vancouver, we’re looking forward to her input in navigating the local community while bringing in the best of her experience from larger cities she’s worked in.

Lori will be moderating an actors panel at our upcoming Film/TV Audition Event, with future collaborations also in the works.