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2016 was quite the year! Gorillas were shot, cell phones exploded, a sociopathic narcissist with inexplicably small hands was elected President of the United States, and a ton of incredibly talented people died. With all that negativity, its easy to forget a lot of really good things happened too: Sri Lanka eradicated Malaria, the Giant Panda is no longer endangered, Harper was voted out of office, the ozone layer is repairing itself, child mortality rates are down worldwide, as is crime, and coffee consumption has been proved to curtail cancer and suicide rates (mmm Mexi Mochas).

2016 was also a great year for us here at Reality Curve. Once again, the people of Vancouver spoke loud and clear, showing a real hunger for relevant, engaging, and entertaining theatre. Our production of Bug was a huge success as was our pop-up street theatre program.

Now 2017 is here and it’s time to shake off the rough stuff that happened last year, embrace the good stuff, and move forward. We’ve got a lot of really exciting projects in the works for 2017 which we can’t talk about just yet (secrets are hard!). Sufficed to say, more explosive theatre is coming.

We can offer one tidbit of information for Vancouver’s acting community – we’ve got a workshop in the works for April 1st which we’re very excited about. We think you’ll be blow away. Stay tuned!

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Happy New Year!