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Welcome back to the weekly round up of stuff happening IRL around Vancouver. As the weather continues to be cool we say take advantage of some indoor fun and get ready to pounce when the sun comes out. We’ve rounded up the best when it comes to plays and the playful and give you options on the free, cheap, and worth splurging for (and no, there is no Pokemon on this list).

Conversations for Creatives – Wednesday July 13, 6:30 pm

Alliance for Arts & Culture

Details: For all our fellow homies in the arts, it’s time to reach out with some new folks and have conversations about the tough subjects – how to make money while having creative control and how to overcome creative blocks.


Going to be there?: Say hi! Tweet at us @realitycurve and let’s shake hands for realsies.

Bitters 101 – Thursday July 14, 8 pm

The Modern Bartender

Details: You’re a real classy b, we know. But up the ante on your cocktail knowledge with this night of learning about (and most importantly, sampling) bitters.


Just remember:  Subtlety is best when it comes to dropping knowledge about cocktails. Use your newfound smarts for good, not doucheiness, and work it casually into conversation or risk being that guy.

Come Draw With Me – Friday July 15, 7:30 pm

Hot Art Wet City

Details: Part art class, part comedy, all the silly by the sounds of it. From comedian Alicia Tobin, guest stars Sean Devlin, Graham Clark, and Aaron Read will provide stories and potentially loose guidance for a collective art class. Materials provided.


Perfect for: testing out a first date. Do you laugh at the same jokes? Can they be down for something a little nutty? Wash it down with a drink at Brassneck or The Narrows and you have a guaranteed good night.

Beach Clean Up with Surfrider Foundation – Saturday July 16, 11 am

Crab Park

Details: The only thing sexier than a surfer is a surfer who gives a shit. Head for a misty morning of making the beach cleaner and greener and bask in self-righteousness for the rest of week as you get to tell your friends you know how to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to caring about the environment.


Pairs well with: dog watching. Crab Park has some epic off-leash action for its proximity to downtown. Bring a hot coffee and add some legit joy to your Saturday.

The Actor’s Nightmare – Saturday July 16, 10:30 pm

Havana Theatre

Details: What happens when one person remembers the lines and the other has to wing it? This.

Bonus: the coconut mojitos you’ll drink after at the Havana Theatre (when a show is only $8 you can splurge for a pitcher… or two?)


DNA Bike and Beer Crawl – Sunday July 17, noon

Meet at 33 Acres

Details: In what we would love to call a “ghosting fee” the $5 you pay for your ticket gets reimbursed if you actually (gasp!) show up! Genius call for #flakecity (just kidding, we love you Vancouver, please come to all our events…). Mingle with your new best friends and the Downtown Networking Association.

FREE (if you follow through)

Perfect for: people who have trouble making decisions, with 5 breweries on the agenda. Enjoy a little light day drinking and light networksing before heading into your Sunday night.

Did we miss something? Let us know stuff worth checking out online by leaving a comment on Facebook or Twitter.