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Pants are hard, but dammnit you live in this expensive, gorgeous city for a reason. To help get you out there we have rounded up a handful of experiences you can have this weekend without breaking the bank. Because do you really want Andy from accounting upstaging you with his weekend plans again? Nay, we say. You are fun, and interesting, and no one will notice if you put off doing laundry one more day anyways.

Free Community Yoga – Friday July 8, noon


Details: We’re equal parts plays as we are being playful. Loosen up with a bunch of strangers and get out of your head with Yyoga in a downtown Vancouver venue begging to be put to good use.


Bonus Points: develop a backstory and remain in character during the duration of the session. Our alter ego Keith enjoys free yoga sessions in cowboy boots and developing the loudest Ujjayi breathing in the room. Namaste. Share the results: #realitycurve #playmore

Any Night – Saturday July 9, 8 pm

Vancouver Pacific Theatre

Details: An intense little ditty (that might read close to home for some) about hooking up with a neighbour and the consequential hell that ensues. Our interest is always piqued with the possibility of strong language and sex, but note the trigger warning for those impacted by assault.

PWYThink It’s Worth after the show. So what do you have to lose?

Pairs well with: a nosh and cocktail at Heirloom before. This might sound shocking, but a healthy meal and night out on the town could do wonders for your dating life.

Vancouver Instant Theatre: Streetfight Improv – Sunday July 10, 7:30 pm

Havana Theatre

Details: We’ve been meaning to check out Vancouver Instant Theatre for a while, and if they’re going to be at our favourite East Van event space/mojito purveyor consider this arm twisted! Sunday’s a nice day for a belly laugh.


Get Crazy: Going to be there? Tweet at us (@realitycurve) and let’s clink some glasses together while we watch young people unhinged on comedy.

Did we miss something? Let us know stuff worth checking out online @realitycurve